Recent Phishing Emails, Spam Emails and Scam Emails


警告!!パスワードの入力は数回間違いました。 --フィッシングメール (Translation: Warning! You entered your password several times.)

Contents of the Phishing Email (With English Translation) 静岡からログインを間違えた記録がある。あなたで無ければ、リンクにアクセスして情報を確認してください。 English Translation: There is a record of a wrong attempted login from Shizuoka. If this wasn’t you,...


Notification Regarding your E-mail

What it is: This spam email seems to be trying to steal people’s email addresses and passwords. It asks you to “continue verification” to reclaim your...


Final Notice

What it is: This email asks you to pay $86 for what sounds like a domain renewal. However, if you read closely, it’s really asking you...